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Oral Rinse (15 pcs)

125ml / 4.23 fl.oz

The rinse liquid is specially designed for the care of damaged areas of the oral cavity, such as (puncture of the tongue, cheeks, labret, lip punctures). Suitable for the most sensitive areas of the oral mucosa. It has no irritating effect, does not contain menthol and its derivatives, does not contain alcohol, and chlorhexidine (which causes enamel pigmentation). Effectively cleanses the inner part of the cheek, the yak and damaged areas.
Due to the combination of components, the rinse creates a protective film and has a prolonged effect.

The formula of the rinse allows you to use it not only during recovery from piercings, but also as a permanent remedy to avoid irritation caused by piercings, cheek bites, irritation from braces or dentures.

The main components of the rinse are:
Dexpanthenol - an analog of pantothenic acid, which provides the same biological effects in the process of metabolism in the body. Pantothenic acid and its salts are vitamins, Dexpanthenol is involved in the formation and functioning of epithelial tissue, in the synthesis of protein - collagen, thus having a positive effect on the skin structure. It increases the ability of epidermal cells to divide, which has a powerful reparative effect. It has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces itching. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - the main component of Aloe juice is polysaccharides, which have softening and moisturizing effect, accelerate regeneration of damaged skin.

Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) - has a bactericidal effect on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, has an effective effect on some viruses and fungi. As a result of its moisturizing ability, cetylpyridinium chloride penetrates well into the deep layers of the mucous membrane, where it has a bactericidal effect. It accelerates local anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect of the product.

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