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Marlon Böhmer

Marlon Böhmer






Hello, my name is Marlon Böhmer. I’m born in cologne Germany. I’m tattooing professionally for 2 years I've been in the tattoo scene for 5 years.
My passion is working with black and gray colors. I love playing with high contrasts and creating soft shading. I enjoy larger projects the most! I have been interested in art since I was a child .Tattooing is a big part of my life and I live out my passion in my tattoos every day!
I regularly attend tattoo conventions and network with new, wonderful people.
I've been running a tattoo studio for 5 years, so I'm well connected with other artists. We're a cool community and we help each other. In the future I will be visiting different places around the world to learn more and meet new people in the tattoo industry! Maybe I'll be in your city someday!

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