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Grant Gashi





Hello My name is Frenko_ghost_tattoos (Grant Gashi)
I've always wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was 12 years old, I've always loved painting and drawing because I love art, what's behind it, it's just unique. That's why I decided to do an apprenticeship as a painter and oil painter because of the color mixtures and the structure of painting because I knew that would help me a lot in my career as a tattoo artist

My Shop name is Folterkammer Tattoo is moving where is the best place
And Zum beichtstuhl tattoo is in detmold i open now in germany

My style of my tattoos what I do is more realism and surrealism, and color realism

Painting and looking at art museums and getting lots of ideas and of course tattooing and spending time with my family and with my tattoo family too

Everything that has to do with art. I like to exchange ideas with my tattoo friends because you can learn a lot better with each other

The thing is that I didn't go to that many conventions because I have my two tattoo studios and always worked a lot and I had very very little time. I only had interviews once with a magazine that calls Handwrittenmagazin is from germany that Magazin

that actually went pretty well but I was very, very busy Guest at other tattoo studios the only CONVATION where it was Tattoo Cuxhaven weekend and gods of ink
But in the future i go in Tirana tattoo convention and Uk convention and in germany i start to go

But i know a lot of famous people in the tattoo industry

I am Sponsored by 8 companies
They are :
Crocart ,Inksafe,mummytattoomachine,,jconly,emalla catriges, ot supply,

I was also by a Festival tattooing Wattensound i tattooed
But in the future i want to go more in CONVATION and Festivals tattooing

I Give also tattoo Seminars
I learnd already 6 people visit my Tattoo Seminars

I haved already in my shop 5 apprentics they already Finish and they have a own shops now i am really proud of my People how the grow
Yes this is my Story

I want to go in the future for guestspots in famous Shops they invite me ,like My Story tattoo , Final chapter tattoo from dean Gunther, many more

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