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Ricardo Ciechorski

Ricardo Ciechorski





Ricardo Ciechorski, born in 1989 in Brazil, is a renowned, internationally recognized tattoo artist. Since childhood, he demonstrated a passion for drawing, and in mid-2012, he began his journey into the world of tattooing. With dedication and talent, he quickly established his own tattoo studio in Brazil, where he developed his unique technique and captivated a loyal clientele over the course of 14 years.

During his career, Ricardo was recognized with sponsorship from major brands in the tattoo industry, which further boosted his reputation and reach. His exceptional work and his ability to transform ideas into body art led him to achieve international recognition, being invited to tattoo in the best studios.

Currently based in Portugal, Ricardo continues to leave his mark in the world of tattooing, drawing inspiration from the cultures and experiences he encounters on his journey. His dedication to his art and his pursuit of excellence guarantee that he always delivers unique tattoo.

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